DOROTA PAWIŁOWSKA, born 10.03.1987, Rzeszów, Poland
Warsaw based visual artist, Recieved Artistic scholarship of the Capital City Warsaw for 2016.

My actions are naive. An expressive and descriptive movement, as Rudolf Arnheim considered
drawing, gives the sense of structure.
My intentions are pure but I do not have complete control. Just like in chaos theory, a small change
can inspire great differences in later states.
I aim for pleasure; I seek the shiny, seductive, and tasty. Sensuality of the image is superior and
whenever possible I seize the opportunity to play. The rules of the game are constructed within and
during the painting.
I choose round shapes. Do not be fooled by "adult” allusions, because pink is flesh objectified.
Exposing myself to danger and disgust is necessary. Puberty, yuck. Yes I know what “hard candy”
Rather than telling more stories I bashfully humm and murmur. If you listen carefully or rather – look
closely – you might find the familiar references. Musicality of Kandinsky’s abstraction, the brutality
and organicity of Arshile Gorky and other abstract expressionists, psychedelic, melting, op art of the

2006-2011 Master of Fine Arts, Graphic Design, very good with Rector’s honors
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Graphics, full time studies
2008-2010 Four semeters in Printmaking, prof. Andrzej Węcławski
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Graphics
2009 September Paul Holz and Friends, The Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation

HARD CANDY, STROBOSKOP art space, Warsaw
2015 Solo, Hugonówka, Konstancin
2015 My Posters, Maska Theatre, Rzeszów
2014 The Book of Lust and Stuff, Stacja Muranów, Warsaw
2013 Compulsion Podlaska Gallery, Biała Podlaska
2012 Measurable / incommensurable Stalowa 3, Warsaw
2011 Beautiful losers Turbo Gallery, Departament of Graphics, Warsaw,

2017 WAR, Ms44 Gallery, Świnoujście, Poland
2016 &NOW, ATypl Warsaw2016 &NOW; Atypl Warsaw, Academy of Fine Arts
2015 Graphics, Colliers Office Gallery, Warsaw
2014 Colorically; Gallery New York, Aleje Jerozolimskie 41, Warsaw
2014 Bravo, Pretty; Radna 6/8
2012 23th International Poster Biennale. Henryk Tomaszewski’s Golden Debut, The Poster Museum
2012 Graduation projects IN ACTION. DMY Berlin
2011 7th Student Printing Biennial; University of Arts in Poznań
2011 Hestia Artistic Journey Finalists;  National Gallery of Art in Sopot
2011 Graduation Projects 2011 Cieszyn Castle
2011 Coming OuT Best Degree Pieces. Academy oF Fine Arts in Warsaw 2011; Sinfonia Varsovia

Joan Fitzsimmons Workshop, Zachęta – National Gallery of Art
2013 bARTer, images on the exchange, Blok Żab. atelier, Night of Museums in Warsaw
2013 Art Altana, Capital City District Ursynów Warsaw, Poland
2011 Award nomination – 7th Student Printing Biennial, University of Arts in Poznań
2010 2nd. Award of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage poster competition
2010 WIPO Award. World Intellectual Property Organization Award for Creativity